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MultiMedia Adverts franchise

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Multimedia Franchise now available for right attitute people

License Fee  under    £5,000

Liquid Capital under £10,000

 Investment  Under    £15,000



My World and I Franchise Opportunity

An innovative and educational, business, franchise , leaflet, magazine concept

Multimedia franchise is the perfect way to achieve that work-life balance. We offer award-winning high quality products for a booming market. Set-up time is minimal, but the earning potential is unlimited.Children’s toys and books, business publication, franchise social media promotion, leaflets, magazine have the commercial potential to be extremely lucrative, and starting a business with us will enable you to generate profits very quickly. Most of our distributors make their full return on investment within the first few months of trading.

Getting started is quick, easy, and takes less than a week!

All the packages we offer will enable you to set up your own business in a matter of few hours, and prices start from as little as £4999.

We supply the software and free updates which enable you to prepare and sell personalised children’s books in less than 2 minutes. You will be given the rights to sell all our storybooks and we’ll ensure you are equipped with the necessary knowledge for preparing and selling the products. We can also will supply you with a library of brochures, marketing materials, and your very own website.

In addition, little storage space is required.

A unique range of personalised books





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