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Car hire franchise(India)

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This is a unique opportunity to Hire second hand cars


 License fee          £ 15,000

Liquid Capital      £100,00

Total Investment £115,000






All makes and models of Cars.

4x4 lets you earn a lucrative living hiring vehicles like these!A UNIQUE APPROACH TO VEHICLE HIRE

Not that long ago it was assumed that anyone entering the vehicle hire market had to have substantial credit (or cash), a fleet of different vehicles (cars and vans), large premises, a team of staff, numerous offices around the UK and a huge advertising budget to match.

K D left her successful Multimedia  career to start a family and shortly afterwards conceived a business that would fit in around family life and take on the big boys at their own game. My own care Hire  was born in April 2010 without any of the luxuries of a big budget, no fleet, no staff and a low advertising spend.  What the company did have was a radically different approach that involved specialising in hiring out two older Cars  (one of which was own car) and no end of enthusiasm!  By working from an ultra low cost base at home Kirsty was able to offer great value and also a friendly and flexible approach to everything alongside the inclusion of various options from a tow bar to a baby seat.  Car Hire now has a fleet of 40 vehicles made up of Range Rovers, Land Rover Discovery’s, Toyota cars, Vauxhall,BMW,Merc and the new Range Rover Evoque.  If you are looking for a genuine business that provides that elusive work/life balance, or one that can easily bolt on to another business then this may the the franchise you have been waiting for.


Your franchise can easily be run on a part-time or full-time basis, either as a standalone venture or alongside your current occupation. Either way, your franchise can earn a full time income from part time hours. Even working on a micro scale with just two vehicles and then utilising our fleet whilst you build up to acquiring more should mean that you will achieve sales of around £120,000 in your first year with a net profit of 39% (£46,800). An established fleet of 10 vehicles should yield a net profit of around £90,000 and still be an easily managed local business.

Our franchise fee is with in budget and your total investment depends on how many hours you want to work and the number of vehicles you own outright or that you acquire on finance.


From the moment I took the decision to become the franchisee for Car Hire within Leicester, KD and his team have been fantastic. The initial four-day's training was very well run and really informative. As I have no background in running this type of business, the training helped me understand all aspects of hiring Car's and gave me confidence for when I started dealing with the first customer enquiries and bookings. The ongoing support I receive is excellent. If I have any problems or a question to ask, KD and his team are only a phone call away and pretty much any issue is resolved quickly and efficiently. I have been open now for about 10 weeks and, as expected, within the first couple of weeks things took time to get going. However from weeks three-four I started getting regular enquiries. Now I'm getting lots of enquires, with a high percentage of them turning into bookings, which has far exceeded my expectations. If anyone is considering a franchise opportunity, I would have no hesitation in recommending Car Hire. I also received amazing support from Intellifranchise team to support for marketing, finance and setting correct client target and much more.






Car Hire now  expanding its car hire with full support to franchisee with in India, EU, Nepal.

We are also open to share partnership option where we invest 50% in franchisee business


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